Luxury student accommodation by G5 Student

Jun 05, 2017

G5 student is the brand and vehicle that delivers luxury student accommodation within the G5 Properties portfolio. The brand has evolved across various markets in Portsmouth, Chichester and Bognor Regis and has built up a portfolio of 81 luxury student bedrooms.
The student brand of G5 Properties was created after identifying a gap in the market between small scale private developers, and large scale corporate development firms. The market therefore was built around a mix of private developers offering 1 - 10 student rooms of mediocre quality and the larger players offering 500 - 1,000 room developments.
G5 Student has found its success in tailoring a product that matches the specific needs of its tenants by building purpose built student developments of between 10 - 40 bedrooms, offering a high end but attainable level of living. Alongside this G5 Student also caters for institutions outside of Universities, such as professional language colleges. This strategy has opened up the possibility of single corporate long term head leases, fully managed by the corporate tenant.
The growth within the student accommodation industry has been rapid, but necessary. The increased supply of purpose built student accommodation ensures greater equilibrium in the general housing supply as it frees up more typical residential property to go back into the available supply of houses rather than being eaten up by poorly managed student HMO property.
Chichester and Bognor Regis are still very young student markets which are growing sustainably in line with the Chichester University. But as university numbers grow, so does the demand for local student accommodation.
Portsmouth is steadily becoming a mature student market both from its university offering and the corresponding accommodation. there are nearly 30,000 students in Portsmouth and this rapid growth has accelerated the local economy and added a completely new dynamic to the city. Increases in student population in any city can be seen as a significant benefit;  through regular inflows of cash, diverse cultures and young talent and expertise which add to and help create solid foundations for local economy

Published by Jamie Gray |